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The Bayshore Residential Resort 2 features a Hammock Garden where you can just sit, swing, relax, or have sweet nothings with your loved one. The Tai Chi Garden allows for stretching and relaxing mood while breathing the air of good life. While the Meditation Garden provides solitary moments for residents who like to have some time alone to calm one's soul and mind. There is also a picnic area for the whole family to celebrate life and bond together on a sunny weekend.

Aside from these therapeutic gardens, the Bayshore has some other plans for the well-being of the family. The Bayshore Residential Resort 2 has landscaped gardens, 18-meter lap pool, jet pool, main pool, infinity pool, gym, in-water pool lounge, composite wooden deck, pool deck lounge, children’s pool, playground, ballroom, pool pavilion, sun deck, spa, male & female changing/shower rooms, floating cabanas, reflecting pond, yoga deck, water play area, play area, trellised seating area, function room, and so much more admirable amenities. 

  • Landscape gardens
  • 18 meter lap pool
  • Jet pool
  • Main pool
  • Infinity pool
  • In-water pool lounge
  • Composite wooden deck
  • Pool deck lounge
  • Children’s pool
  • Playground
  • Pool Pavilion
  • Sun Deck
  • Spa
  • Male & Female changing/shower rooms
  • Trellised seating area
  • Gym
  • Ballroom
  • Function rooms
  • WiFiInternet access at amenity area
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Are you dreaming of a luxury resort you can call home? Would you like to feel as if you’re in vacation resort hotel every single day of your life?  Finally, all you want in a dream home is here! Bayshore Residential Resort 2 is your resort in the city that offers you all the things you want to have and wake up being surrounded with every day. 

The residential community has the magnificent features, amenities and facilities you’re looking for. As an overview, the resort-style residences feature a gym, landscaped gardens and a playground.  When it comes to rejuvenation, relaxation and recreation, there is no residential development to beat the Bayshore Residential Resort 2.  

It is the ultimate representation of the best facilities and amenities all in one development. Here, you will discover more that can open for new opportunities for fun, offering you and your family new perspectives of those things you can enjoy without going out the community.

One of the main features of the residences are the landscaped gardens that can make you feel as if you’re close to nature because you will always be surrounded by it.  In the landscaped gardens, you can spend time to relax, read a good book or simply kill the time during your days off.

There is also the 18-meter lap pool, which lets you soak and swim in the hot summer days or anytime you feel like exercising or swimming for workout or enjoying time with loved ones.   In the community, there is also the jet pool, which further adds to the enjoyment that the lap pool can offer. For those who want more fun, they can enjoy it at the infinity pool and main pool.  There is also the children’s pool where kids can play and swim with parents or new friends in the community. Families with their children can truly feel as if that they’re living in a resort without going out of town or nearby provinces.

Do you want to stay fit, get back to shape or simply want to sweat out and exercise? If so, you don’t have to pay for expensive gym memberships or go to the nearest fitness center after work because the residences have its gym that allows residents and their guests to work out and do their reps and sets conveniently.
For more fun and entertainment, this community also has its ballroom, which is ideal for those who love to dance the night away or simply want to move their bodies with friends and loved ones.

In addition to these facilities and amenities are the pool deck lounge and the in-water pool lounge.  Other features include the sun deck, pool pavilion, composite wooden deck and spa.  Some others include the trellised seating area, male and female shower/changing rooms and function room.

If you’re looking to experience your ultimate relaxation, recreation and rejuvenation in your very own community, invest at the Bayshore Residential Resort 2. Pick up the phone and talk to one of our chat specialists today!

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